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NVRHSD Winter Concert

Name Harris Sokoloff

Lightnetwork Name

Date December 22, 2000
Location Northern Valley High School Demarest, New Jersey
Light Board ETC Express 48/96
Equipment 3 Rows of 4 circuit border lights,  10 8in fresnels,
2 Colortron 20/30/40 mini zoom ellipsoidal, and more
General Comments Our center white border lights, dimmer melted (yes melted) a couple days before the show, so that is why there is a dark spot in the middle.  (Stage was already set and being used so i couldn't add lights to cover it)
This is my school auditorium, which holds about 756 people.  Built in 1972 (most of the stage lights are from the 50's though)
Some of our Teens and Tots singing.
The patters on the band shells where done by the Colortron mini ellipsoids placed about 3 feet off the ground on the sides.  
(the lights are out in the center and a little of the side)
Unfortunately the chorus is lit using the three first rows of house lights (many of which the bulbs where taken out of for a past performance.)(Don't you just love working at schools?)


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